undiscovered27 (undiscovered27) wrote in xdigitalxartx,

want a colorization?

hey y'all im making colorizations...so if you want one, post a black and white pic here and ill make it all purrty lol <3

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hey chick..i want a colorizatoin...somethin new! lol

here's the pic..make it look awesome!


thanx a bunches..u do beautiful work!

p.s. ill try to promote u some more! im tryin the best i can.
hey i was wondering if you could make me a friends only banner with Avril Lavigne on it...as recent as possible...lol.i get on www.caleida.com though, my name is asswipe112, and the password is josh if you need to get on there to make it...please let me knnow.also, i was wondering if you knew how to make mood sets? because i would like an Ashlee one if you know of anyone who makes them...or Good Charolett would be good.;)comment back asap!! :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

let's see if you can do this one...Lol.